Boa Vizinha

Rodrigo Oliveira (Sintra, Portugal, 1978)
Boa vizinha (Aquarela do Brasil), 2011/13
Mural painting with watercolor tablets embedded in the ceiling, and tropical rain water
Variable dimensions

“Aquarela do Brasil” (“Brazilian watercolor”), a music composed by Ary Barroso in 1939, only became popular in Brazil after it was included in the soundtrack of a Walt Disney’s film of 1942; but once it was released in the North-American cartoon, as one of the diplomatic actions of the United States in South America, the song became part of the Brazilian identity. Rodrigo Oliveira goes back to that song’s title in order to create a mural made with dribbling watercolor. The artist watered watecolor tablets, but at the same time he created furrows on the wall in order to guide the lines of the dribbling paint. By doing so, he reflects upon the image that Brazilians have of themselves: are we the result of historical chance, such as the dribbling watercolor, or do we follow patterns that we do not realize, such as the thin furrows that guide the paints down the wall?