Di Cavalcanti at MAM: 50 Years x 2 Current exhibition

Exhibition period: May 25 - December 12, 2021


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In 1971, when the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo had just gained its new building in Ibirapuera Park, Diná Lopes Coelho organized the catalog and the retrospective exhibition of Emiliano Di Cavalcanti (1897–1976). The exhibition celebrated the 50th anniversary of the deviser of the Semana de 22 (as became known the 1922 Modern Art Week).

The exhibition 50 Years of Art: Di Cavalcanti remained on view from October 28 to December 5, 1971 and presented paintings, caricatures, drawings, prints, publications, tapestry and jewelry from institutions in different cities in Brazil and Europe. This is an exhibition of great significance and consequence for the understanding of Di Cavalcanti’s oeuvre. Despite his suppleness as a painter, the sheer unity in his works cannot be understood only through chronological stages. Throughout his career the artist has taken up themes such as fishermen, landscapes, musicians, samba, carnaval, and especially feminine, shapely figures.

The present exhibition comprises material exclusively from the bibliographic and audiovisual collection of the Paulo Mendes de Almeida Library, holder of MAM’s institutional memory and a reference in research on modern and contemporary art. The exhibition consists of a catalog, poster, invitation, clipping from the newspaper Diário do Povo and a period film about Di Cavalcanti’s retrospective exhibition. Held half a century after the 1971 exhibition, Di Cavalcanti at MAM: 50 Years x 2 is both a tribute to one of the leading voices of modern Brazilian art and a contribution to the studies on the history of exhibitions in Brazil.

Cauê Alves