Opening: december 10, 2022
Opening time: 10 am


The Jardim Miriam Arte Clube is on the frontier between an artistic project and a cultural space. Founded in 2004, it is a place for meetings, trainings, actions, and artistic interventions. It is a simultaneously an artistic and social project, led by artist Mônica Nador alongside a group of collaborators from the São Paulo neighborhood of Jardim Miriam. Among the purposes of the work carried out at JAMAC, one is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of residents of the region and to develop the notion of citizenship.

This is possible because JAMAC’s work acts directly on society and on the communities that dialogues with. The artistic projects carried out come close to the notion of shared authorship, that is, a collectively constructed work, often the result of workshops or propositions that promote the intersection of different references and knowledge.

The work by JAMAC possesses a vocation for open, public space, of free and unrestricted access, such as mam’s Sculpture Garden. The location where it is installed is precisely on the border between the marquee of the Ibirapuera Park and the garden designed by Burle Marx, a long-term exhibition space for mam’s collection, showing sculptures and installations. The motif pattern by JAMAC was printed on canvases that cover part of the museum’s facade and protect visitors from the marquee in the period leading up to the renovation of this landmark of modern architecture, a space frequently visited by skaters, tourists or those interested in art.

Plant and leaf motifs alternate in pairs in a dynamic composition with strong contrasts. The same pattern is presented in different versions, with variations of backgrounds and colors such as burgundy, yellow, orange, turquoise, and purple. Parallel to the presentation in the Garden, a mini documentary was filmed about the process, carried out by collaborator Thais Scabio, who founded JAMAC’s audiovisual center.

The fac ade created by JAMAC for the museum fuses elements of civil construction with images derived from the flora. The project brings the power of the periphery’s production to mam. And, in addition, the work reinforces the use of the marquee and of mam’s Garden as a space for coexisting with art and with others, as a space for communal sharing.

Cauê Alves