Laura Vinci | Glass Room Dec 10th, 2019 - Feb 26th, 2020

How long does life last? These works by Laura Vinci illustrate the cycle of leaf loss by trees, in metal sculptures. The glossy finish of the pieces will reflect the changing light, as spring becomes summer in Ibirapuera park; at night, artificial lighting will cast shadows on the back wall, creating a permanent pattern that contrasts with the diurnal variation. As they shine like this, the leaves will appear to survive their falling from the branch, as if the state of decomposition announced by their fall were kept in suspension. The use of gold plating transforms this fleeting moment of the vegetation into a relic as if creating a precious memory for future generations who will face enormous challenges due to the transformations of nature. In this way, mam offers a new opportunity to reflect on ecological art during the visit by the public to Ibirapuera, our city’s principal park.

Felipe Chaimovich


Laura Vinci (São Paulo, SP, 1962)

Folhas avulsas #3, 2019
Brass and gold
Collection mam, gift of Ana Eliza Setubal in honor of Paulo Setubal’s 70th birthday

Galho, 2018
Cast brass and industrial hoist
Artist’s collection