Paint On Paint Aug 7th - Nov 30th, 2019

We have gathered works from the collection of Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo to show some ways of experimenting with dense layers of paint in Brazil from the 1930s on. MAM was founded in 1948 and has followed this history since its early days.

Paintings are made of paint, and the unprecedented access to this raw material has changed their history over the last two centuries. The price of paint has decreased considerably from the onset of the European Industrial Revolution. Thus, painting has since become cheaper for artists using industrially-made products.

In Brazil and globally, painters began experiencing the use of thick layers of industrialized paint as a sign of modernity. The brush strokes could be large specks of color, used to depict from the most transient things—such as a landscape brightened by the sunset—to broader, universal themes such as war. Paints could also serve as pure matter, without making up any image.

The set of paintings gathered here shows the plurality of works represented in the MAM collection. Increasing access to industrial materials, such as paints, continues to enable the free artistic experimentation.

Felipe Chaimovich


Event: [Paint On Paint] Tinta Sobre Tinta: acervo do MAM no Instituto CPFL
Venue: Instituto CPFL
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Date: from Aug 7th a Nov 11th
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