Paulo Bruscky 01 set – 14 dez 2014

To Discover Ideas

Felipe Chaimovich

Paulo Bruscky is an artist of ideas. His works are born as word records: handwritten, typed, photocopied, printed. Only then they will become experiences for the five senses.

This exhibition gathers the projects and actions by this artist. As it extends from September to December 2014, some actions will be continuous, some will be done once and will remain as records, and some others will be in transit between past and future.


It might take years before a handwritten instruction in Paulo Bruscky’s “idea banks” is realized. Here, we give body for the first time to works selected from these “banks,” such as the movie recorded on September 1, here, at the Museum’s auditory: up until then, it was nothing but a project; after that, it will be forever a record of that day.

However, MAM received an instruction from Paulo Bruscky for a continuous action in his collection. One of the Museum’s employees will execute his regular work shift during the whole of the show’s duration live, in the exhibition room. Other actions will take place in the park where we are located, according to a schedule, so that the public can experience them.

Works of a third kind are in transit: posted envelopes and their contents. The enclosed papers were made to circulate through postal services, therefore, they could be sent in new envelopes to different addressees. Postal art is unending.

Paulo Bruscky works facing the challenge of time: past, present or future, his ideas resist impermanence.

Photo by Rafael Roncato