Projeto Parede | Paisagem moderna Apr 30th - Jul 28th, 2019

What is good taste? In this panel, Leda Catunda brings together different materials and images associated with pleasantness: winding landscapes, undulating curves, kittens, patterned fabrics, intense colors. Such elements move closer to the audience through the artist’s playful technique, because the drawings’ lines seem childish and spontaneous, as well as the cut-outs that delimit the various pieces.

The strategy to bring the public closer to the work involves the recognition of the many familiar aspects contained in it. However, its presence in a museum poses a problem: Why is it considered art, while a beautiful amateur drawing wouldn’t be? By arousing this reflection in the audience, the artist questions the parameters of taste, art, banality and erudition: thus disrupting our current values, the landscape becomes modern.


Felipe Chaimovich

Leda Catunda (São Paulo, SP, 1961)

Paisagem moderna, 2019

Colagem de papel e de tecidos e pintura-objeto / Paper and fabric collage, and object-painting

Coleção da artista / Artist’s collection