Projeto Parede | Pli selon pli Dec 10th, 2019 - Mar 1th, 2020

This installation is composed of a representation of posts, in various positions, observed against a neutral sky that reduces them to a simple line-drawing.

The title translates as fold over fold, and the work evokes the eponymous piece by the French composer and conductor Pierre Boulez, composed between 1957 and 1962 for soprano and orchestra.

The sonority of the piece suggested to Vicente de Mello a photographic sequence which dialogues with the movement of musical notes on a score, a large mobile that folds over its folds, changing its meaning and order, a visual deconstruction with the very music that echoes through MAM’s environment, creating an unusual and erratic interpretation of modulation and rhythm, as brief, striking flashes on a veiled film.

Pli Selon Pli was created in 2008 at the Open Projects artistic residency in Warsaw. It was presented in its original version at the Projeto Parede/MAM in 2010 and then at the Cidade das Artes in 2016, in wheat-paste format. In 2017, the concept unfolded into a 65 sq m tile panel, commissioned by Sesc 24 de Maio. This idea returns to Projeto Parede in 2019, with a different proposal: the image of the posts is now amalgamated with the texture of the wall through a thin film, dispensing with the presence of paper, creating a single imagetic surface.

Felipe Chaimovich (curator) e Vicente de Mello (artist)