The Years of Living Dangerously Apr 30th - Jul 28th, 2019

The pursuit for a proposition that could broaden our gaze on the set of works that constitutes MAM’s collection made it possible for us to focus on the production of the 1960s, a period stricken with political and social upheavals that turned our country into an anthropophagic cultural cauldron, sweeping terra brasilis without sparing any faraway corner, backland, or palm swamp.

Offering a chronicle of that moment while establishing a dialogue with the present was the path chosen for this show, not in an opportunistically commemorative or let alone flattering way, but in pursuit of a possibility to capture the zeitgeist in the MAM Collection, which ended up contaminated with the present, in the past.

An entire generation, united by ideals and behaviors, aware of its role and commitment, cries for freedom, freedom! Everything is under dispute, above all, authority: “It is forbidden to forbid!” This, like other slogans, became a motto, a war cry, a password to open fire against the authoritarian trench represented by family, school, the government, and directly hit the capitalist system of unbridled consumption.

When I looked closely at the works, by literally penetrating the Museum’s guts—its collections per se—my activity as a curator was impregnated with the personal perspective in which the memories surfaced, shrouded in the mist of the reminiscences of the boy who experienced those moments in his everyday life.

Retrieving the constructions of memory grants us the opportunity to insert, into this complex context, the restructuring of MAM, which in 1969 opened its new headquarters in this place, in the old Bahia pavilion, under the marquee of Ibirapuera Park, with the first edition of the Panorama of the Brazilian Current Art. Thus, the Museum, its collection, projects, actions, and activities resist the times and survive the setbacks to this day.  After all, those who know make their time, and don’t wait for things to happen.

A set of fifty images evokes a moment of feverish unrest that leads to paths in the quest to assert hope within political awareness, in the diversity of life translated into poetic actions and ethical commitments, producing insertions in a medium, despite its being totally opposed to it. Resistance, resilience, rebellion, and solidarity cross, hand in hand, the times in which we lived dangerously.

Marcos Moraes


Information: Exhibition The Years of Living Dangerously

Date: April 30 – July 28, 2019
Location: Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo
Address: Parque Ibirapuera (av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, s/nº – Gates 1 and 3)
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (visitors are allowed until 6 p.m.)
Phone: 55 11 5085 1300
Tickets: R$7.00. Free on Saturdays. Special discount for students and teachers with valid ID.


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Marcello Nitsche, Eu quero você, 1966. Foto: Romulo Fialdini