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This work covers the mam corridor with wattle and daub walls. The construction technique uses a checkered mesh of branches and bamboo, intertwined in a regular manner, to create a hollow structure that is subsequently filled with clay. This process has been used in Brazil since colonial times. Its extensive presence in buildings for different social classes throughout history evidences a material continuity between ostentatious buildings, such as the Baroque churches, and popular residences, such as the homes of small-holders. Some of the branches used here came from Ibirapuera Park; together with the exposed earth, they bring an organic scent to the corridor. By building with living elements from the surrounding area, the artist brings the museum and nature together using knowledge that unites us with a deeper Brazil.

This title comes from the book “Roça Barroca”, by the poet and translator Josely Vianna Baptista.

Thiago Honório  (Carmo do Paranaíba, MG, 1979)
wattle and daub
Coleção do artista, cortesia Galeria Luisa Strina


Thiago Honório, “Estudos para roçabarroca“, 2018/2020, Lápis de cor e grafite sobre papel, 42 x 60 cm. Foto: Edouard Fraipont


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