Join in Members, corporate partners and donations

The MAM is a not-for-profit civil society organization. The participation of society at large and private initiatives are fundamental in enabling the museum to stage exhibitions, keep its art collection and provide cultural activities for a comprehensive range of the general public.

Individuals and companies can contribute to the MAM by becoming members or partners or making donations.

Individual members

Individuals can become members of the MAM in three different ways, depending on the kind of relationship they wish to have with the museum.

The Members Program is aimed at people who identify with the museum’s values and take part in its cultural programs.

The Collectors’ Clubs are aimed at those interested in collecting prints, photographs and design objects commissioned by the MAM.

The Contemporary Unit is dedicated to immersion in contemporary art production and the acquisition of works for the museum collection.

Companies: donations and corporate partnerships

Companies can associate themselves with the MAM by becoming corporate partners. Partnerships are based on exchanges of goods and services or donations.

The Cultural Stimulus Act Law n. 8313/91 (Rouanet Law) gives companies the right to donate a part of their income tax directly to cultural institutions. They can direct 4% of tax owed to this cause.

When donating resources directly to the MAM, society knows exactly where its money is going.