The Núcleo Contemporâneo is an exclusive group of associates of the MAM who aims at encouraging artistic production, form new collectors, promote exchange of information while enabling greater understanding of contemporary art. This is done through organizing weekly meetings and events such as exhibition previews with curators and artists, visits to private collections and artists’ studios, cultural trips, and participation in international fairs.


The group was established in the year 2000 to collaborate in expanding the contemporary art collection of the MAM. Since its creation, the Núcleo Contemporâneo has acquired more than 200 artworks for the MAM’s collection. In addition, from 2012, the Núcleo has assumed the role of major supporter of the Panorama of Brazilian Art, which is a biennial exhibition of the museum’s calendar.


Further, the persistent participation of the members of this exclusive group has an important role in continuing the activities of the Museum and the formation of new collectors.

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